Ransomware is now rated as the world’s number 1 security threat. Read the details here. Ransomware dominated the threat landscape in 2016. In January of 2016, ransomware accounted for 18% of the global malware payloads delivered by spam and exploit kits. Ten months later in November 2016, ransomware had blossomed to account for 66% of malware payloads, an increase of 267%. Malwarebytes calls this “an unprecedented domination of the threat landscape.” See the threat breakdown by country here.

Things to do so you prepared in the event you are a victim of ransomware:

  • Make a backup of all your critical data;
  • Make a backup and a restore disk of your systems;
  • Use an external drive and cloud storage if possible.

Contact a security expert or IT support if you are attacked and as soon as you notice it turn you system off and DO NOT turn it on again without expert guidance. There are now some software that assert it can stop ransomware (like Malwarebytes) and other vendors like Norton and Trendmicro that say they can remove it but the best protection is preparation.